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Si comme nous vous êtes sous le charme des travaux de David Milan ou encore de Colin Tierney avec leur univers à la Crayola, sachez que Colin est en train de préparer une série de tutoriels pour apprendre à utiliser ces feutres pour enfants. Pour bien vous préparer à cette séries d'exercices nous vous conseillons de faire en premier notre turoriel sur le brush pen qui vous le verrez est un outil proche du Crayola dans l'utilisation.
Nous recommandons des supports adaptés pour un confort de travail plus grand et ça tombe bien car nous vous avons créé un livre d'entrainement en édition limitée disponible ici.


I meant to post this last week when I officially launched Crayligraphy, but it's been one helluva 7 days. Two sick little babies, a delayed launch due to technical difficulties with my newsletter and website host (excellent timing!) and a couple thousand of you joining the Crayligraphy movement in just a couple weeks. Now that's Cray. Feel free to sign up at (link in bio), receive a free reference guide that will continuously be updated and be the first to know when I release new material every week. The following is an excerpt from the ‘Basic Strokes: Part One’ lesson: “Unlike the brush pen, you don't have to move slowly when applying an upstroke because the tip of a Crayola is firm with very little flex. You're able to move quicker with a harder tip, taking the shaky, unflattering lines out of the equation.” Crayligraphy will be a long series of tutorials. It will go extremely in depth with 100% value. I've only covered 5 basic strokes in about 2,000 words. Im approaching this series like no one ever has. I'm literally holding a Crayola as I write so you're able to fully grasp every single technique that goes into making your Crayligraphy shine. Remember, it just takes time. Music: Balance by @future_islands

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Crayligraphy launches tomorrow! Learn how to stylistically write with a Crayola marker so you can have fun while learning the art of calligraphy. Sign up at (link in bio) to receive a free reference guide and be the first to know when I release a new weekly tutorial. I'll be continually updating this guide as we move along with the series. When you sign up, you will be the first to know whenever I add the new material. Also, I would like to wish all the real super heroes out there a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you're able to spend some quality time with your children by raiding their art box and practicing your Cray while they color alongside. Keep being awesome! Music: Drip by @mood_robot #crayligraphy #calligraphy #lettering #handlettering #inabrush #crayoligraphy #logo #mothersday

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