15 After Effects templates to enliven a logo

Discover a selection of 15 After Effects templates to enliven you logos or create a introduction for your Youtube videos.

We meet one more time to talk about After Effects and the plenty of possibilities that it offers for your logo, create your introduction for your video projects. After our animated  logos selection,

we recieved a lot of questions about where find this After Effects templates.

I’ve selected 15 After Effects templates with several effects to enhance your logo and attract surfers. These templates are premium and are costing between 10 and 20$. A honnest price for a quality render and an important time gain (you just have to modify the template with your datas). This way, you will be able to seduce your customers by animating your logos on your portfolio.

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Nice reading.

8 After Effects template to enlive your logos

Here, you will enjoy 8 animations for your logo. Simple and easy-to-put effects thanks to the tutorial. It is available for 22$.


Logo animation with search bar

An effect that improves the traditional search bar. The introduction begins by a key sentence or the name of your website to continue on your home page then your logo.


Logo animation template

Clean rotation

Here, you can show your logo on a dynamic way with a modern render. Letters are appearing by reconstruction with elegance and purity. An available resource for 12$.


4K logo animation

Enjoy the 4K’s beauty wih an UHD animation in 4098 x 2304 pixels. Something to impress your futur customers and all the public. Available for 12$


Melting animation

In this animation, the logo appears after a melting. Wide letters show themselves in a slow effect that take its time to let plane a mystery part. A template available for 12$ .


burning logo animation


Like its name says it, this animations is beautiful. In addition, you can easily reproduce it thanks to the template included in this pack of 17$.


Smoke logo animation template



Smoke takes place on the screen before showing your logo. Try the experience with all the necessary items for 14$.


Geometric logo animation

Here is a very simple animation to install. It uses geometric forms and principaly circles and squares. Take one of them and follow the consigns. A pack available for 12$.


Shinning logo animation

An animation that may come from biggests cinema studios. A beautiful melting effect with a shinning light for an incredible render. You can make it by yourself for 14$.


Logo with particles animation Template

A light animation with 25 pictures a second for an awesome result. All is included in this 14$ pack with a tutorial video to correctly understand all building steps.


Particles logo animation



In this pack, you can use 3 different particles animations. The two firsts are moving from the left to the right and the last shows the logo in the centre of the screen. Animations available for 14.


Exploding animation


A colored explosion before your logo on the screen. A very cool animation to attract your customers. Available for 12$.


Search bar logo animation

Search stroke

The animation begins by a search bar. A text appears then your logo to end the scene. An effect available for 12$.


Flat Logo Reveal

Find several effects. Speed animations, artistics deployments or more classical models. Usefull models for 14$.


Flat Glitch logo

A very dynamic animation for your logo to quickly attract the eye of the surfer. You have all cards in hands to make this easily and quickly. Available for 12$.


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