Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°11

Salut tout le monde, on attaque la dernière ligne droite de la semaine avec comme d’habitude une sélection de letterings issus d’instagram pour le plaisir de vos yeux.

Comme d’habitude pensez à rejoindre notre groupe fracebook et à partagez vos coups de cœur.


Nous lançons notre hashtag pour que vous soyez relayé dans les articles d’inspirations de lettrages avec le hashtag #ldlinspire.






Quick sketch from a piece for a handsome annual report in Atlanta last year. #tbt

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Tis the season!🎄

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How do creatives build castles at the beach? With ampersand 🙄 I'll see myself out. 338/366

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— SÃV3 TH3 DRĘAM. Продолжаю экспериментировать с современной каллиграфией на основе цитаты "Save your dream" из грядущего фильма "Изгой-один: Звёздные войны. Истории". Эти эксперименты посвящены переосмыслению арабской вязи и европейской готики, уверен, многие формы букв вас удивят и вдохновят. И да, напоминаю что я стал частью международной команды, официально создающей арт по этому фильму. Больше материала ищите по тегам: #IRebel #RogueOnes #МыПовстанцы 👽✨.

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Still Here #brushpainting #handlettering #type #textures #stillhere #lettering

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Dennis Bergkamp! #arsenal #footballclub #soccer #bergkamp #ajax #london #puma

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In whiskey we trust, couple of labels I've created along with @semifreecreative for Andalusia whiskey co, Cheers. #whiskey #branding #customtype

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Sticker "No Luck Charm"

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Studies 🍂 . @organicalligraphy

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I got to say #itwasagoodday How was yours?

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Clothing eventually wears out. Things eventually get lost. Cheetos eventually go stale. But memories are forever!✨Traveling this year taught me that even though I have no space in my backpack for more stuff, I have unlimited space in my brain for more memories 😊 Even after all of the incredible things I've experienced this year, I think I still treasure memories from back home the most…like the time me and @sophieerskine were drunk singing along to Fall Out Boy at 2am in her room and her neighbors banged on the wall to tell us to shut up. Or when I watched @zzdesign and @breaubocop have a late night twerk off. Or in high school when @beccaainsley and I drove to another Pinkberry because we were too ashamed to go into the same one for seconds 😂🍦 Don't get me wrong – traveling is awesome! But you don't need to wander the globe to make incredible memories 💕

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b r e a t h

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