Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°12

Salut la communauté on espère que vous êtes en forme. Comme d'habitude pour finir la semaine en beauté on vous a concocté une belle sélection pour l'inspiration.

Comme d’habitude pensez à rejoindre notre groupe fracebook et à partagez vos coups de cœur.

Nous lançons notre hashtag pour que vous soyez relayé dans les articles d’inspirations de lettrages avec le hashtag #ldlinspire.

Très bon week-end à tous !

A gift for my sister's house. #lucabarcellona #calligraphy

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Turned the engraver on a strip of leather to see how it worked…this is going to be fun.

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Así quedó la primera pieza realizada para @clubdeportivoseven en Cali, Colombia.

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✍️️✍️️✍️️ @weddinggbs

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Finally getting some new writing pads together to list in the shop this week! . Some of you might know that I grew up in Arizona, and I've always had an affinity for that Southwestern aesthetic. I knew when I came across this paisley-patterned Italian leather last week that I had to have one. 🌵😍😍 . I'll list these tomorrow, and there will only be a handful of them available. When the hide runs out, I'll be out of them for good. . If you're used to writing on a stack of loose leaf, or worse, your hard table, you should definitely consider giving a leather pad a try. The supple hide makes for just a bit more 'bounce' behind your writing and really does make the whole experience just that much more enjoyable. 👊🏽🔏

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#handmadefont 2017………….@handmadefont #typography #pencilart #design #2017

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One year ago in Bologna. #lucabarcellona #calligraphy #wallpainting #handstyle #flatbrush #cholo

A photo posted by Luca Barcellona (@lucabarcellona) on

Coffee… is always a good idea!

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