Le vendredi c'est LdlInspire N°2

Une nouvelle sélection d’inspiration ce vendredi, pour passer un pur week-end en lettering. Toutes ces images sont issues d’instagram et font partis de notre sélection de la semaine.
Profitez-en pour liker le notre et être un maximum inspirés.

Nous lançons notre hashtag pour que vous soyez relayer dans les articles d’inpiration avec le hashtag #ldlinspire.


September 🍂

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This week's @crayligraphy challenge: #Crayligraphy_YourMother and #ColinYouOut is back!!! • This week I chose my mom because she's been asking me to letter her name for the longest time. Also, it coincides with the @crayligraphy challenge. Am i cheating by not randomly selecting her name from the previous #ColinYouOut comments? Absolutely. But she's my mom. Deal with it. • Congratulations mom for being my mother and having a lettering artist for a son. Feel free to head on over to ColinYouOut.com if you'd like to purchase your print! Kidding. I'll give it to you for free. • Want to get your name lettered for free? If you would like to participate, every Thursday I post a picture of someone's name that I'll either letter or calligraph. Anyone who wishes to have their name (or someone else's) written or drawn, comment with the hashtag #ColMeOut followed by the name you are requesting. I'll choose this name the following week by randomly selecting one commenter from the latest #ColinYouOut post. This is one of those particular posts. • 1. You can utilize any platform: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Chiming in on all three platforms gives you better odds at being selected for that week. 2. Please request only real names. That is, don't request a business or handle name (if your handle name is anything other than your real name). 3. If your name is selected, feel free to share the post, but please give credit. 4. You have until the following Wednesday to comment on the latest post. • You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat @TierneyStudio • Good luck! • For all of the comments left in limbo from my previous #ColinYouOut post, no worries. I'll include you in the mix along with the comments in this post for next week. • If you have yet to be chosen, but wish to have a name lettered anyway, head on over to ColinYouOut.com for more details.

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Have a good weekend people and be nice.

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s e p t e m b e r

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Bon Appetite from @tyrsamisu Enjoy your meal, dears, wherever you are! <3 #handmadefont

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GO Hard or GO Home 👊🏻✌🏻️

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Art of war. Type by @downtownrilla | #typegang – typegang.com

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FreeStyle 👊

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Nice shot by @wellscollins

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Thanks for Nothing

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