Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°5

Pour cette version n°5 on a essayé comme toujours de sélectionner la crème de la crème avec du français mais aussi de l'international pour un week-end haut en créativité.

Nous lançons notre hashtag pour que vous soyez relayer dans les articles d’inspiration avec le hashtag #ldlinspire.

Bon week-end les copains


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I've been been really busy the last couple of weeks, working on some cool projects that I won't get to show you guys till January, filling orders, and spending time with friends before the weather shifts hard. . I'm also caught up in some kind of holding pattern, where I'm not doing work at the caliber that I want to be doing it at, and my practice sessions have been frustrating. I spoke to a few different people about it, and the general consensus is that everyone goes through this stuff. . I read a quote by Picaso today that I really liked. It reads: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working". . I know that on the tail end of all these rough marks that I've been putting down is the ability to make them as crisp and clear as I can imagine, but that doesn't make it any easier for my pride to acknowledge that I've got to work to get there. . That's the beauty of pursuing a perishable skill: you arrive at ability not one time, but many.

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Happy Monday! 😁

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Hi there 👋🏼 I'm not good at names… Pen: basic white pencil crayon #whichpendidyouuse #typography

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Details by @thefozzybook #designspiration #art #lettering #creative #design

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25 years to celebrate… not today though. But soon. 🎉 Anyone else having their 25th birthday?

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Sketched this one for a birth announcement I'm working on! 🎉

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Morning rituals #brush #lettering #casual #signpainting

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Hell on earth #frakone #calligraphymasters #calligraphy #calligraffiti #handwriting #lettering #hxcalligraphy #handstyle

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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Based on the Chinese proverb…

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Today's office #logotype #Handlettering #type #lettering #beach #cancun

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