Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°7

Allez pour finir cette semaine avec une touche créative, on vous a sélectionné les meilleurs créations de la semaine. Rejoignez notre groupe fracebook et partagez vos coup de cœur.

Nous lançons notre hashtag pour que vous soyez relayer dans les articles d’inspiration de lettrage avec le hashtag #ldlinspire.

Bon week-end les petits potes !





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This is my town. #typespire #typography #letteringco #lettering #handmadefont #goodtype

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Style done with Oblique Pen Holder + Brause Rose Nib

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Did you guys see the super moon last night? I didn't; I was too late to the party! But oh man, I saw a lot of amazing pictures. Here's a rendition of the Earth's best friend: the moon. This is a collaboration with my dear friend (and one of the greatest artists of our time) AJ Malate, who is an expert at every field of art (yus). I'll walk you through the basic lettering fundamentals, sketching, and layering your artwork in my first workshop on November 19! We'll produce awesome pieces like this with the techniques I'll be sharing (oh yes). Sign up and check the full details at bit.ly/HelloWorkshop! Form closes on Thursday, November 17. OH AND I'm giving away a slot! Check a few posts back for mechanics 🙂 I HOPE TO SEE YOU!!!!!! Let's make a mess together!

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Sketch from one of my previous post

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"Lowercase" Pengen bagusin feed, tapi yasudahlah. #lowercase #alphabet

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"Only the good die young" First hand painted leather jacket ! I definitely love to do this kind of stuff, it's so fun, so smooth to paint and the result is mad ! If anyone want some custom hand painted leather jacket I'm ready to hold the brush again and again ! Just pm me 😉 Blouson en cuir peint à la main ! Tellement agréable à faire et tellement fun. Si vous êtes intéressé par une peinture sur un cuir envoyez moi un message privé, mes pinceaux sont deja en attente ! 😉 #handpainted #handlettering #design #typography #paint #oneshot #signpainting #alwayshandpainted #leather #jacket #custom #bike #motorbike #caferacer #typo #type #fashion #trend #fun #moto #gold #lettering #cuir #manteau #motard #bikelife

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Oooohhhb that @grog_eu 🙂

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Its all about t-shirts 😜 #handlettering #type #letters #lettering #shirt #sketch

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